Luna Ghost

Luna Ghost offers affordable and professional Warcraft III hosting. Our services include GHost host bots, channel bots, statistics web hosting, and more. Our hosting plans are intended to offer maximum flexibility to satisfy everyone, whether you want a channel bot to manage your clan channel or several bots and a website to run your league. Contact us at if you have questions.

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GHost Hosting

Our GHost hosting, starting from just $4 a month or $10.50 for three months, is lightning-fast and packed with features. All plans allow for hosting an unlimited number of games, can be used for either private hosting or autohosting, and can connect to both official servers and custom PvPGN servers (Garena supported for an additional fee). The uxpanel control panel gives you the ability to instantaneously control your bot and view its status.

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Channel bots

Our channel bots, which run on pychop, offer many plugins that can fit your needs. Specifically, just a few of the supported features are trivia, displaying current games, announcing/greeting, managing idle users, and pouncing/sniping. Hosting starts at $6 for three months.

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Web hosting

We have numerous and flexible options for Warcraft III web hosting. We support OpenStats, which includes player scores, top players, admins, and bans, but also have scripts that you can mix and match that display lobby and running games, replays, and web chat. Web hosting is an additional $1.00 per month to GHost hosting.

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